narrow narrow 2 verb [intransitive, transitive]
also narrow down to become less or to make something less in range, difference etc:

• Growing competition for contracts will narrow profit margins.

• The gap between the two companies is clearly narrowing.

• The choice was quickly narrowed down to Luxembourg or Dublin.

— narrowing noun [singular] :

• There has been a narrowing of differences between the parties.

— narrowing adjective :

• the narrowing price gap between domestic and imported vehicles

* * *

narrow UK US /ˈnærəʊ/ adjective
extremely small: a narrow margin/defeat/victory/lead »

The election was won by a narrow margin of 85 votes.

including only a small number of things: »

Specialization by developing countries in a narrow range of commodities had left them vulnerable to external shocks.


With little money available, the policymakers established narrow eligibility criteria and limited the number of grants.

in a narrow range — Cf. in a narrow range
narrow UK US /ˈnærəʊ/ verb [I or T]
[I] to become less in amount, or to make something become less in amount: narrow to sth (from sth) »

The retailer's loss narrowed to $3 million from $10 million a year earlier.


a narrowing gap/difference/deficit

narrowing noun [S or U]

Rising costs caused some narrowing of profit margins.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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